1. Using the Uniform Interface


This chapter describes the details of using HTTP’s uniform interface and deals with issues such as statelessness, visibility, safety and idempotency, extensibility, creating new resources, GET vs POST etc. The recipes in this chapter primarily deal with using HTTP’s uniform interface.

  1. How to Keep Interactions Visible
  2. When to Trade Visibility
  3. How to Maintain Application State
  4. How to Implement Safe and Idempotent Methods on the Server
  5. How to Treat Safe and Idempotent Methods in Clients
  6. When to Use GET
  7. When to Use POST
  8. How to Create Resources Using POST
  9. When to use PUT to Create New Resources
  10. How to Use POST for Asynchronous Tasks
  11. How to Use DELETE for Asynchronous Deletion
  12. When to Use Custom HTTP Methods
  13. When and How to Use Custom HTTP Headers

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