11. Miscellaneous Writes


This chapter shows how to solve a variety of design problems that at first glance may seem outside the scope of REST and HTTP. Topics include copying, merging, partial updates, batch processing, and transactions.

  1. How to Copy a Resource
  2. How to Merge Resources
  3. How to Move a Resource
  4. When to Use WebDAV Methods
  5. How to Support Operations Across Servers
  6. How to Take Snapshots of Resources
  7. How to Undo Resource Updates
  8. How to Refine Resources for Partial Updates
  9. How to Use the PATCH Method
  10. How to Process Similar Resources in Bulk
  11. How to Trigger Bulk Operations
  12. When to Tunnel Multiple Requests Using POST
  13. How to Support Batch Requests
  14. How to Support Transactions

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